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Preventive dentistry at Zahnpoint Mainz
the best treatment for toothache

Healthy, natural-looking teeth support wellbeing and good looks, as well as a self-confident appearance. Regular preventive care is essential to ensure that this remains the case for the rest of your life. After all, if you take good care of your teeth at home and also take advantage of preventive measures in our dental practice, you have a significantly lower risk of developing caries, periodontitis and toothache can be avoided. Both diseases are primarily caused by bacterial plaque (biofilm).

Regular preventive care not only protects your dental health. We have known for a long time that diseased teeth can impact the entire body. If bacteria from (chronically) inflamed teeth and gums get into the bloodstream, this can lead to serious diseases such as heart, circulatory and vascular diseases (especially in diabetics) or trigger premature births in pregnant women.

The most important building blocks for effective protection against caries and periodontitis

  • consistent daily oral hygiene
  • a tooth-healthy diet
  • regular check-ups
  • professional dental cleaning
  • enamel hardening

We offer a preventive programme to help you reduce bacterial plaque and preserve your teeth in the long term. This programme includes cleaning, care and guidance on oral hygiene at home, and is adapted to suit all ages.

An inflammation-free mouth is a very important aspect of dental health. Good oral health improves immune function and forms a protective barrier against attacks by viruses and bacteria. For children (from the age of 6), adolescents, adults and seniors, people with dentures and women during pregnancy: regular professional tooth cleaning provides protection against infections.

How often you need a clean depends on various factors. That’s why at the end of your preventive treatment we discuss with you how high your risk is of developing caries and periodontitis. Often one or two treatments per year are sufficient. If there is a strong predisposition to caries or gum disease, we recommend shorter intervals for professional tooth cleaning.

This is how professional teeth cleaning works:

» 1. Cleaning

Even with thorough daily dental care, plaque in the interdental spaces and hard-to-reach niches cannot be completely removed. As part of the professional teeth cleaning at Zahnpoint Mainz, we use special instruments to remove all hard and soft plaque from your teeth. One positive side effect of this is that discolouration caused by coffee, tea or cigarette consumption is also almost completely removed. Your teeth will appear visibly cleaner and brighter and your breath fresher.

An effective way to remove stubborn plaque is the Air-Flow® treatment. This method removes plaque and tooth discolouration with a mixture of air and sodium bicarbonate in combination with a water jet.

» 2. Polishing

After cleaning, the teeth surfaces are polished. A smooth surface is much easier to maintain and means that caries and periodontitis-causing bacteria in the oral cavity stand little chance.

» 3. Enamel hardening – fluoridation of the teeth

Fluorides protect your teeth from harmful caries acids in the mouth. This requires direct contact of the fluorides with the tooth enamel. Fluoride applied as a dental varnish creates a chemical environment that makes it much harder for microorganisms to cause damage.

» 4. Nutrition and dental care tips

At the end of your professional dental cleaning, our dental team will give you tips for a tooth-healthy diet. We will also show you what you can improve in your at-home care and which toothbrushing aids you should use.

Some health insurances cover the costs of professional teeth cleaning on request, at least on a proportional basis, but in general it is not included in the scope of insurance. Private insurers usually reimburse the costs. You should check with your insurance company.

Website Kassenzahnärztlichen Bundesvereinigung (National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV))

Early detection and child preventive care at Zahnpoint Mainz:
milk teeth leave their mark for a lifetime!

Healthy milk teeth

Healthy milk teeth are incredibly important for your child’s development. Keeping them healthy depends first and foremost on a healthy diet. Powerful biting and good chewing promotes digestion and therefore growth. The milk teeth are also responsible for language learning and for correct and good pronunciation. If they fall out too early or have to be removed because of caries, this often leads to a lisp and logopaedic treatment becomes necessary. The milk teeth are also placeholders. They ensure that there will be a good place and position for the permanent teeth in the growing jaw. Until the age of 12/13, the milk teeth maintain their position in the molar region.

When the first milk tooth comes through, we support you and your child in our dental practice by discussing your child’s individual caries risk with you, as well as appropriate oral hygiene measures and nutrition tips. With this we want to give your child as caries-free a start in life as possible without toothache and a fear-free visit to our dental practice near Mainz Cathedral.

Between 6 and 18 years of age, the milk teeth slowly grow into adult teeth – a very sensitive phase that requires our support. We regularly check brushing behaviour and how it can be improved as part of the child preventive care at Zahnpoint Mainz and treat the teeth with a fluoride varnish that strengthens the tooth enamel. We also seal fissures in the permanent molars to give them optimum protection against caries.

We also check the position of the teeth as part of regular preventive care for children. If we detect a misalignment of the teeth or jaw, we will talk to you about it in detail and refer your child to an orthodontist.

Dental care during pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, dental care is especially important during this time. Pregnancy brings with it many changes, both mental and physical. There is a change in the female hormonal balance, which is also reflected in your oral health. This means that pregnant women are more susceptible to pathological changes in the oral cavity, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, due to their hormonal changes.

Early and regular preventive care helps to quickly recognise and treat possible changes. We recommend having at least one professional dental cleaning in the second trimester of pregnancy in our dental health practice.

Reminders - so that nothing is forgotten!/h4>

We will be happy to remind you in good time by email or phone of your next appointment at our dental practice so that you can keep your regular preventive care and check-up appointments. This also ensures that you don’t lose your bonus with your statutory health insurance for higher reimbursement benefits.

Dental care during pregnancy