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Aesthetic dentistry in our dental practice in Mainz
– beauty for your teeth

Of course, all our treatments in our dental practice also focus on optimal aesthetics. Beautiful teeth signify health, wellbeing and success – both professionally and privately

Aesthetic dentistry aims primarily to restore teeth to their natural appearance. Many people are lucky and naturally blessed with pearl-white and perfectly straight teeth. However, thanks to aesthetic dentistry, no one has to hide their smile.

In aesthetic dentistry, we distinguish between white and red dental aesthetics. The first deals with the teeth, while red is concerned with the soft tissue – the gums.

In our dental practice we offer numerous possibilities, including correcting minor tooth misalignments, repairing cracks and grooves and optimising the colour of your teeth by whitening (bleaching). We also replace fillings that are unattractive and hazardous to health, such as amalgam, with composite fillings of the same colour as your teeth and ceramic inlays.

A perfect smile is the result of the relationship between teeth and gums. The two together create a visually appealing overall result and are the secret to an attractive smile.

White dental aesthetics:
Veneers - Inlays - Implantats - Tooth correction

Veneers – ultra-thin ceramic veneers

Veneers – ultra-thin ceramic veneers

Veneers are ultra-thin, translucent ceramic shells. This measure of aesthetic dentistry can be used to conceal discolouration on your teeth and to hide misalignments or irregularities – especially in the anterior region. Small gaps between the teeth also disappear behind the graceful veneers.

Veneers are custom-made for your teeth in the laboratory and attached using a special adhesive technique. There are barely any visible differences between real and veneered teeth. After treatment, when they are fully functional, the teeth look completely natural and intact – aesthetically beautiful. Another advantage is that your veneers are biologically very well tolerated and also protect you from micro-cracks to the enamel.

A perfect smile with ceramic veneers

Bleaching – gentle tooth whitening for naturally white teeth

Bleaching – gentle tooth whitening for naturally white teeth

The cosmetic appearance of your teeth depends largely on the colour of your teeth. However, even with regular consistent brushing, teeth lose their natural whiteness over time. Removing superficial discolouration caused by substances such as nicotine, tea, coffee, cola and red wine often requires just a professional dental cleaning in our dental practice in Mainz.
Bleaching – naturally white teeth

However, discolouration inside the tooth, which can occur after root canal treatment or the use of certain medications, does not disappear with professional cleaning.

In these cases, we can restore the natural colour of your teeth quickly and effectively through bleaching. Bleaching treatment is carried out in our dental practice by our specially trained preventive dentists.

Before the whitening treatment, your teeth are checked by a dentist to eliminate any contraindications. Professional teeth cleaning is also recommended to remove existing plaque.

For teeth whitening we use ZOOM! bleaching. This ensures brilliant whiteness in the shortest possible time. The treatment involves applying a special whitening gel to the teeth. The effectiveness of the whitening gel is increased by the specially developed lamp, the ZOOM WhiteSpeed LED lamp. The light is directed at the teeth for 15 minutes. Depending on the requirements and the desired degree of whitening, this procedure is repeated 3-4 times. At the end of the third procedure, a protective gel is also applied to the teeth for 5 minutes. Within one hour we can achieve effective whitening of your teeth.

The colour of fillings and dentures does not change with bleaching. Therefore, any necessary restoration should be planned in advance.

Teeth whitening products are generally not recommended for children under 13 years of age, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Full ceramic dentures and fillings

Full ceramic dentures and fillings

As no metallic colouring can show through from the inside, full ceramics deceptively imitate the appearance of natural teeth with their slight transparency and light reflection. Ceramic inlays, for example, are the most aesthetically appealing solution for fillings. Dentures are adapted to the shape and colour of your natural teeth in our dental practice. Ceramic is very durable and smooth, which means that bacterial deposits adhere less easily. It is well tolerated and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

If a hole in the tooth needs to be filled, various materials can be used for this, e.g.:

  • Compomers
  • Composites
  • Ceramic inlays
  • Gold inlays

The most suitable filling material for your teeth depends on your individual needs. Our dental team will be happy to advise you on durability, compatibility, aesthetic considerations and costs.

Zahnersatz und Füllungen aus Vollkeramik

Implants naturally close small and large gaps

Implants naturally close small and large gaps

Implants are a safe and generally successful long-term option for replacing missing teeth. They offer impressive, lifelike aesthetics and are available in many shapes and materials. Implants provide maximum comfort, a secure fit and do not impair speech.

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maximum comfort with dental implants

Inconspicuous tooth correction - for adults too

Mild to moderate malocclusions in adolescents and adults can be corrected with state-of-the-art dental braces called aligners. The plastic braces are transparent, fit closely, are comfortable to wear and enable very inconspicuous treatment. We work together with experienced orthodontists here

Red dental aesthetics – gum corrections

Beautiful and healthy teeth are not the only aspect of aesthetic dentistry. Gums also play an important role in a friendly smile and healthy teeth that can perform their function. Minimally invasive dental surgery at Zahnpoint Mainz can be used, for example, to reconstruct lost tissue without the teeth losing their shape and support. However, irreversibly damaged gums or bone caused by periodontitis can also be reconstructed in other parts of the jaw. In this way, exposed tooth necks can be covered with mucous membrane transplants.

You can find detailed information about oral surgery in our dental practice on our topic website at: