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Functional diagnostics for a well-balanced masticatory system
Tracking down the pain

In our masticatory system, teeth, muscles and jaw joints usually work together harmoniously. Functional diagnostics can be used to examine the correct and healthy condition of the masticatory organ.

Proper functioning of our masticatory system has a significant impact on the entire body. The close connection between the masticatory organ and the rest of the body can, in the case of misalignment or malfunction, lead to complaints such as

  • Mouth, jaw: Jaw cracking, restricted mouth opening, pain
  • Ears: Dizziness, buzzing, ringing in the ears, tinnitus
  • Neck and back: Neck pain / spinal pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, posture problems, tension
  • Face, brain: Migraine, headache, trigeminal neuralgia, sleep disorders, tension pain, dizziness
  • Hands, feet: Numbness

The clinical picture is called Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction (CMD), which literally means a disorder in the skull and jaw area.

Minor changes such as a gap between teeth or a tooth filling that is too high can lead to a range of problems in the natural function of the jaw.

Similarly, stress that you “work off” by grinding your teeth at night, for example, can lead to abnormal pressures in the way the teeth, temporomandibular joint and jaw muscles interact. Other consequences of teeth grinding can be seen in the tooth substance: the pressure on the teeth leads to wear effects such as small cracks and holes in the tooth enamel, corners that break away and loose fillings.

It is better not to wait until your complaints become chronic.

Make an appointment for a consultation in our dental practice. We will be happy to carry out a comprehensive functional diagnosis to clarify the causes of your pain and any issues.

Functional analysis forms the basis for the treatment concept

The functional analysis shows the exact positional relationship between the skull and the jaw. It shows how the temporomandibular joints move and analyses the position of the teeth in relation to each other. The movements that the jaw undertakes when chewing or speaking are precisely measured and reproduced.

The correct alignment of the upper and lower jaws is also very important when making dentures and for orthodontic measures, because even the slightest discrepancies can cause a wide range of problems later on.

Functional treatment
– new masticatory behaviour with brace treatment

Functional treatment

The results of the functional diagnostics form the basis for your treatment plan, which we develop and implement together with you, if necessary in collaboration with specialised orthodontists and physiotherapists.

We use the exact measurement data from the temporomandibular joint analysis to make a small, removable, custom-made bite plate made of soft plastic to correct your displaced bite position. This material offers the benefit that chewing pressure is reduced and the musculature relaxes. The plastic brace also helps to prevent wear and tear on the teeth caused by teeth grinding. It is gentle on the teeth and preserves them, as it is always the softer material, the plastic, that is removed and not the tooth. This is particularly beneficial at night, when large masticatory forces unconsciously act on the teeth. The edges of the teeth are therefore also preserved.

Effectively correcting misalignments in adults

Tooth misalignments can also be successfully corrected orthodontically in adults. Modern treatment methods provide almost invisible solutions here and produce long-term results. When it comes to orthodontics, we work together with experienced orthodontists in our dental practice in Mainz. We are happy to advise you.