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People with healthy and beautiful teeth can smile in any situation
We’ll make sure of it!

Healthy teeth are essential for everyday tasks such as speaking, eating and laughing, as well as for your overall wellbeing. Beautiful and healthy teeth are an important foundation for a high quality of life

Toothache is not inevitable. We value dental care and prevention very highly, to prevent toothache from occurring in the first place.

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At Zahnpoint Mainz, we treat you according to the principle of “tooth preservation before tooth replacement”. After all, what nature has created is better than what dentistry can create artificially. Detecting even the smallest changes in your oral health, establishing correlations and eliminating the causes promptly are important for keeping your teeth healthy for the rest of your life.

Detailed information and consultation are very important to us

The dental team will take plenty of time for you and offer you the highest level of treatment in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. It is very important to us that you trust our work and feel completely at ease with us.

We provide...

  • optimal care with well-tolerated materials
    for dentures, implants and fillings. High-performance ceramic zirconium oxide is one of our preferred materials.
  • minimally invasive dentistry
    Tooth substance does not grow back. Our dental team at Zahnpoint Mainz strives to preserve healthy tooth substance as much as possible. The less that is lost during treatment, the more firmly and securely your tooth will remain in place.
  • low-pain treatment
    At our dental practice, the focus of all treatment is on anxiety- and pain-free procedures. Modern painkilling injections make it possible to largely avoid discomfort during treatment. Dental hypnosis is a particularly gentle method which we have available to you.
  • digital prints
    With many treatments, a digital oral scanner can also be used to make an impression if desired – without the unpleasant feeling and gag reflex caused by impression materials in the mouth.

We are happy to answer your questions and explain every treatment for your dental health to you in detail, because it is very important to us that you understand what we are doing!

Our oral health concept
– comprehensive and customised

During your treatment at Zahnpoint Mainz, we consider the appearance of your teeth to be just as important as quality, function and comfort. Modern dentistry offers us a wide range of treatment methods to meet your highest demands. We combine high-quality dental medicine with contemporary aesthetic dentistryoptions.

Our oral health concept is all about well-cared for, beautiful and healthy teeth, which prevent dental diseases such as caries and periodontitis from occurring in the first place. We therefore value preventive care particularly highly. If you have caries or periodontitis, our priority is gentle tooth-preserving measures such as professional root canal treatment and periodontitis treatment .

functional diagnostics

Dentures are only considered when all options for tooth preservation have been exhausted. We will then fill the gap with custom-made dental restorations for single crowns, bridges or removable bridges. Or you can choose implant-supported dentures, which will return you as close as possible to the original state of your teeth.

Teeth, jaws, muscles and temporomandibular joints are designed to work together and normally work harmoniously in our masticatory system. But this system can become unbalanced for a variety of reasons, e.g. bad dentures, grinding teeth at night, and cause a range of complaints. We use functional diagnostics to get to the root cause.

Using hypnosis for relaxed, pain- and fear-free dental treatment without fear

We know that for many people visiting the dentist is associated with anxiety. That is why it is very important to our entire team to ensure that your appointment with us at the dental practice is stress-free and in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. It is very important to us that you trust our work and feel completely at ease with us.

As an alternative to general anaesthesia, we offer you dental hypnosis, a gentle alternative that allows you to feel completely relaxed during your visit to the practice. Dental hypnosis is especially recommended for people who have a fear of injections, increased risk during anaesthesia or a strong gag reflex.

Your consciousness is not switched off, it is simply transferred to other, pleasant thoughts through positive suggestion. Your body and mind calm down and experience the dental treatment in a deeply relaxed and completely pain-free way in a form of trance state. Dental hypnosis can be used during any treatment to counter dental anxiety. With our support, patients with dental anxiety can also learn to cope better with their fear of the dentist and dental treatments and slowly overcome their fears.

Hypnosis treatments are carried out by dentists Dr A. and Dr D. Kuroszczyk. They are members of the DGZH Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Hypnose e.V. (German Society for Dental Hypnosis) and regularly undertake further training in hypnosis.

A sports mouthguard prevents injuries

Modern leisure activities and athletic training and competition pose risks. Dental injuries are particularly common among children and adolescents. Sometimes, a fall or an elbow in the face is all it takes to knock out a tooth. Lips, tongues and jaw bones are also at risk, e.g. during

  • inline-skating, skateboarding
  • handball, basketball and football
  • boxing, judo, karate
  • hockey, ice hockey

A mouthguard should therefore be part of your kit. This can significantly reduce painful and irreparable injuries. Concussions are also reduced because the mouthguard absorbs the forces which act on the mouth and teeth

However, optimal protection is only guaranteed if the mouthguard fits precisely on the teeth and does not move.

At our dental practice in Mainz, we offer different models of the Signature® Mouthguard depending on the type of sport and age. The mouthguard will be individually adapted to your personal needs. The high-tech materials and the special manufacturing process used ensure that they fit so well that you can talk, drink and breathe without any problems while wearing them.

We are happy to advise you.