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For healthy
and beautiful teeth!

Your dental health is our motivation
Welcome to your dentists in the Mainz Markthäuser

It’s great to have you here! Our dental practice in Mainz am Dom is open to people of all ages at any time. You are our focus! We aim to meet your expectations: the best possible preventive care to avoid toothache and ensure healthy teeth for a radiant smile – your whole life long. After all, a healthy and beautiful smile is the best way to show your teeth to the world.

Beautiful teeth and a healthy mouth have a significant impact on quality of life. Modern dentistry offers excellent aesthetic and functional opportunities to maintain or regain this quality of life.

Trust us with your dental health. We look forward to seeing you in our dental practice right in the centre of Mainz – and not just for toothache.

Healthy mouth

– strong immune system

Many acute or chronic diseases have their root cause in the mouth. Damage to the teeth or jaw often leads to considerable health problems for the entire body. For example, inflammation in the mouth can affect other organs and misaligned teeth can lead to muscle tension with headaches, neck and back pain as well as visual disturbances and dizziness. Similarly, heavy metal exposure in dental fillings and crowns can cause physical issues.

Reducing bacteria, bacterial plaque and inflammation in the mouth can play an enormously important role in strengthening the immune system. We help to ensure this with professional teeth cleaning and preventive care, as well as by treating inflamed gums or inflamed tooth roots in our dental practice near Mainz Cathedral. Other treatments such as fillings, crowns, root canal treatment and the replacement of inflamed teeth with dental implants also contribute to oral and dental health and therefore to a strengthened immune system. A healthy immune system is the protective wall for your body and makes you better equipped to deal with bacterial and viral infections.

All-round quality care!
Your family practice. All under one roof. For all generations.

From advice on nutrition and preventive care for expectant mothers to decay prevention for milk teeth and prosthetic therapy for tooth loss – the team at your dental practice will support you, your family and your children throughout their lives on the way to optimal dental health without toothache. Did you know that our teeth have different needs at different ages?

We combine top professional qualifications, many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to provide a wide range of high-quality dentistry. We believe it is particularly important to find the optimal solution for each patient that is in line with their natural function. Therefore, we regard individual consultation and appropriately tailored therapies as the best foundation for tailor-made dental care and therefore for your oral and dental health.

Team Zahnpoint

A strong team for your health

You want the best for your health. That’s what we work towards. Successful dental treatments require a strong team and professional service – throughout the entire treatment course. That’s why we believe a coordinated organisation and your personal and individual support are so valuable.


Smiling reveals your true self

Laughter is the joy of life. And if you have healthy teeth, you don’t need to hide your smile. At home and at work, beautiful teeth show optimism and vitality. A vibrant, healthy smile and the best functionality of your teeth – that’s our goal!

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are not a magic trick, they are the result of regular preventive care, high-quality dentistry and modern technology.

Behandlung eines Patienten

Your teeth are precious

Avoid toothache and tooth damage: we think it is our responsibility to show you ways to protect healthy tooth structures, recognise existing problems and prevent them from progressing. After all, your teeth and your masticatory organ are too important to neglect. The latter in particular can be thrown off balance by (stress-related) teeth grinding, for example, and influence your entire overall posture.

Jameda 16.01.2023 Kompetenz und Fingerspitzengefühl Patient:in

Frau Dr. Weisenburger verbindet fachliche Kompetenz mit tollem Fingerspitzengefühl. Jeder Handgriff hat somit bei der Entfernung meiner Weisheitszähne gepasst. Zudem nahm Sie mir durch Ihre Art die Angst vor diesem Eingriff.

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Jameda 10.01.2023 Zu empfehlen! Patient:in

Frau Sa Ra Hong ist eine sehr nette und kompetente Zahnärztin mit viel Geduld und Feingefühl. Nach einer freundlichen Begrüßung erfolgt dann eine ausführliche Erklärung der bevorstehenden Behandlung. ...

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Jameda 03.08.2022 Ein ausgezeichneter Zahnarzt! Patient:in

Seit vielen Jahren ist Dr. Kuroszczik mein Zahnarzt. Ich bin sicher, dass man weit und breit keinen qualifizierteren Zahnarzt finden wird. Dazu kommt aber, dass die Praxis bestens organisiert ist.

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