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Modern professional root canal treatment for tooth preservation
Natural teeth are always the best

No dentures, no matter how compatible and beautiful, can be as effective as your own teeth. Modern endodontics mean that today it is nearly always possible to save even severely inflamed and damaged teeth with professional root canal treatment. We therefore rarely remove a tooth in our dental practice.

Root canal treatment is about preserving teeth that have inflamed pulp. This endodontic treatment is time-consuming, but it is worth it. A successfully restored tooth can serve as a foundation for a crown and save on dentures.

tooth whose pulp is inflamed

If your tooth becomes infected...

Every tooth consists of two parts, the crown and the root. The tooth root is hidden under the gum and is firmly fixed in the jawbone. Deep inside the tooth – well protected by the hard enamel and the dentin (tooth bone) – is the pulp, a mixture of connective tissue cells, blood vessels and nerves.

If bacteria spread to the inside of the tooth and, in the case of deep tooth defects, to the root tips, the root canals can become inflamed. This is usually caused by deep caries or a broken tooth. However, teeth grinding can also lead to dental neuritis because bacteria penetrate the pulp via mechanically created cracks on the tooth surface. The inflammation not only causes severe toothache, but eventually leads to the death of the tooth. Without root canal treatment, a lesion can quickly develop and cause chronic inflammation as well as further health impairments in the entire body. This can even contribute to the development of heart and circulatory diseases.

Root canal treatment
– with modern technology and a lot of sensitivity

With local anaesthesia beforehand and modern technology, root canal treatment today is usually completely painless. In most cases, only one appointment is necessary in our dental practice.

The first step in preserving your diseased tooth is to remove the inflammation in the root canals. To do this, they are exposed, cleaned and disinfected with fine precision work.

First, we measure the length of the root canal of your tooth very precisely using a special diagnostic procedure, called electrometric determination of the working length of root canals. Special magnifying glasses and a high-resolution surgical microscope enable us to find even the tiniest and most branched root canals. After that, the often very narrow and curved root canal system is carefully cleared of destroyed pulp tissue and bacteria right down to the smallest root tips using delicate files and irrigation solutions. After disinfection and drying, we seal the root canal to be bacteria-proof so that the bone can heal.

Further treatment of your root-treated tooth depends on how much tooth substance has been lost through the treatment. Depending on the size of the damage, we can restore the tooth with a partial crown, a crown or a filling to stabilise it.

It is very rare for a root-treated tooth to cause discomfort. Possible causes include cavities remaining in the root filling or bacteria that penetrate into the bone from small side canals and cause inflammation there. We recommend that you have the treatment result of the root canal treatment checked at regular intervals by examinations and X-rays with us in order to avoid these incidents or to detect them at an early stage. We will be happy to send you a reminder of your individual follow-up and preventive care appointments as part of our reminder system.

Root canal treatment

Tooth preservation!
A worthwhile investment!

Studies show that root canal treatment performed in line with modern principles offers the best prospects for long-term tooth preservation. This means that you save a considerable amount of money compared to having your teeth removed, as costly dentures are avoided.

For simple initial treatment, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnerhaltung (German Society for Dental Conservation) estimates a probability of success of up to 95 %. More complex cases have a success rate of over 80 percent. With conventional root canal treatments, this figure is about 50 %.

Tooth preservation

Our dental team has many years of experience in modern professional root canal treatment. We employ expertise, precise measuring technology and time for your tooth preservation. This leads to additional treatment costs that are unfortunately not covered by health insurance. Remember, however, that the chances of success for tooth preservation are significantly higher than with classical treatment methods and that the costs are still lower than with implants or bridges.

We are happy to answer your questions about modern root canal treatment methods in our dental practice and advise you on individual solutions.