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a gradual disease

A healthy tooth bed is the foundation for healthy, fixed teeth and implants. Bacterial plaque, often called biofilm, that is not removed regularly can result in the gums becoming inflamed. This is a gradual process that can spread to the jawbone and possibly even lead to tooth loss.


About three out of four adults suffer from periodontitis, the bacterial inflammation of the periodontium, in the course of their lives – many without knowing it. This is because periodontitis is usually unnoticed and painless at first. Studies show that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adulthood. Therefore, our dental team aims to detect and treat gum disease as early as possible and keep the periodontium stable and healthy for the long term.

How periodontitis develops

The main cause of periodontitis is bacterial plaque. If it is not removed carefully and thoroughly on a regular basis, the bacteria gradually spread further into the gums. They also accumulate in the gum pockets around the teeth.

Occasional bleeding gums and localised inflammation of the gums are usually the first signs of periodontitis. As it progresses, you will notice a painless recession of the gums, “the teeth seem longer”. Recurrent or permanent inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) may result. If this is not treated, the bacteria will penetrate deeper. The gum pockets deepen and the jawbone is affected. The affected teeth increasingly lose stability, become loose and, in the worst case, fall out.

You should take these symptoms seriously:
  • red, swollen or sensitive gums
  • bleeding gums when brushing or touching the teeth
  • lengthened necks of teeth due to receding gums
  • tooth loosening
  • pus discharge from the gum region
  • unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • bad breath
Risk factors with a higher risk of developing periodontitis:
  • higher age
  • lower immunity
  • poor oral hygiene
  • genetic predisposition
  • smokers
  • people with diabetes
  • psychological stress
Periodontitis and its influence on overall health

Periodontitis and its influence on overall health

Periodontitis is not only a danger for your teeth and periodontium, it also affects your entire body. The bacteria in the inflamed gum pockets can enter the bloodstream undetected and lead to severe diseases. For instance, there is a proven increase in the risk of heart, circulatory and vascular diseases (especially in diabetics) and even premature births.

Gentle treatment of periodontitis

The aim of gentle periodontitis treatment in our dental practice is to keep your gums free of inflammation and bacteria. The next step is preventing new bacterial colonisation as far as possible so that the diseased periodontium can regenerate.

If we have diagnosed you with periodontitis, we will adapt your periodontitis treatment according to your individual degree of severity. To do this, we first measure the Periodontal Screening Index with a fine probe. This gives us information about how prone the gums are to bleeding and the depth of existing gum pockets. The gum pockets are then gently cleared of pathogenic germs using ultrasound and special instruments. Medication, microsurgery and tissue regeneration measures may also be necessary.

Often with periodontitis, the necks of the teeth are exposed. Mucosal grafts, usually from the soft palate, can be used to replace the missing tissue. This treatment, which is relatively inexpensive, relieves the hypersensitivity of the tooth necks whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing anterior tooth area.

Gentle treatment of periodontitis

Prevent periodontitis in a targeted manner!

Beugen Sie der Parodontitis gezielt vor!

The most important way to prevent and eliminate periodontitis is good oral hygiene. The bacterial sticky biofilm on the teeth must be regularly and thoroughly removed. Experience shows that even with the most thorough at-home dental care, only about 70% of the plaque on the teeth and in the interdental spaces can be reached with toothbrushes, interdental brushes and dental floss.

We therefore recommend regular professional dental cleaning at our dental practice in the Mainz Markthäuser. Take advantage of our reminder service, which will send you regular reminders of your check-ups and care appointments. With all-round care, gum inflammation can be detected and treated at an early stage.

BOur specially trained preventive dental hygienists also remove plaque that you cannot remove on your own, i.e. above and below the gumline, during a thorough professional tooth cleaning. Depending on the oral and dental situation, a professional cleaning should be carried out every 3-12 months. The effectiveness of this measure in preventing caries and periodontitis has been proven in numerous studies as far back as the 1980s.