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Dentures at Zahnpoint Mainz
- natural in function and aesthetics

Aesthetic problems and tooth defects often go hand in hand. A chipped edge or an old filling not only looks unattractive, but also makes your tooth susceptible to further damage. And quality of life also suffers as gaps between the teeth or poorly fitting or constantly falling out dentures impair communication with other people.

Unfortunately, teeth cannot always be preserved. If you have lost teeth, we will provide you with high-quality dentures at Zahnpoint Mainz. Modern dentistry offers a variety of solutions for achieving optimal chewing function and good pronunciation when there are gaps between the teeth or when the teeth are severely damaged. Together with you, we will develop the right denture solution individually tailored to your needs. These include crowns, bridges, telescopic bridges, crowns on toothimplants and dentures. If an adjustment of the bite is necessary, this is done using functional analysis and/or functional therapy and, if necessary, in consultation with an orthodontist or physiotherapist. Dazu zählen Kronen, Brücken, Teleskop-Brücken, crowns on toothimplants and dentures. If an adjustment of the bite is necessary, this is done using functional analysis and/or functional therapy , and, if necessary, in consultation with an orthodontist or physiotherapist.

Zahnersatz natürlich in Funktion und Ästhetik

Why you should replace missing teeth

When a tooth falls out, nearby teeth can tilt or drift into the empty space. The teeth in the opposite jaw can also move up or down because they are missing their counterpart. This can affect your bite and put more stress on your teeth and jaw. Where teeth are tilted, harmful bacteria can settle more easily and more plaque forms. Oral hygiene is usually more difficult in these areas, which means that inflammation and caries are more likely to occur here. There are many reasons in favour of optimally fitting dentures.

MMetal-free aesthetic dentures made of high-performance ceramic zirconium oxide

Metallfreier ästhetischer Zahnersatz aus Hochleistungskeramik Zirkonoxid

Today, full ceramic dentures offer the highest level of aesthetics. In the past, conventional crowns and bridges were usually constructed as a combination of metal base framework and ceramic veneer. With zirconium oxide, we have a high-tech ceramic available which, while being completely metal-free, can still withstand the same stresses as conventional restorations made of alloys and has a long life.

Zirconium oxide is a ceramic material that originally comes from space research. The material, which is used as a heat shield in the space shuttle, is also used for brake discs and has been used for years in the production of artificial hip joints.

Zirconium oxide full ceramic is so similar to the hard tooth substance in terms of its properties that it can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth. It is an excellent alternative to crowns and bridges made of metal ceramics. Metal-ceramic dentures, or veneering metal-ceramics, are made of a metal framework that is veneered with ceramic. With full ceramic crowns and bridges, the substructure is also made of ceramic, which means that there is no risk of allergic reactions or metal edges. We can also use it to make removable dentures completely metal-free.

As the gums are optimally bonded to the restoration, full ceramics not only meet the highest aesthetic requirements, but also have oral hygiene advantages over metal. The extremely smooth surface of the ceramic prevents bacteria and food residues (coffee, tea, red wine) from adhering.

Benefits of zirconium oxide full ceramics at a glance:

  • completely metal-free
  • not magnetic
  • biocompatible and tissue-friendly, i.e. optimal for people with allergies
  • break-resistant and durable, can also be used for delicate dental bridges
  • resistant to acids and alkalis
  • minimal thermal conductivity reduces unpleasant hot-cold sensation
  • tooth-coloured natural and translucent appearance
  • no dark edges at the transition to the gums
  • can be cemented without heavy metals

At our dental practice, we use Ceramill Zirkon from Amann Girrbach to manufacture your dentures or implants

Vorsorglich versichert – Zahnzusatzversicherung

Da die Krankenkassen für Zahnersatz und viele Behandlungen nur noch Zuschüsse bezahlen, kann die optimale Versorgung schnell teuer werden. Für viele Patienten empfiehlt sich daher der Abschluss einer privaten Zahnzusatzversicherung. Zahnzusatzpolicen decken einen Teil der Kosten für medizinisch notwendigen Zahnersatz. Dazu gehören Brücken, Kronen oder Zahnprothesen.