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Dekobild gesudne Zaehne
Dekobild sanfte Zahnbehandlung

This page was last updated on: January 28, 2023


A gentle approach to dental treatment

Behandlung With existing tooth damage we would like to spare you any further possible discomfort. With modern minimally invasive treatment methods, where saving the tooth has top priority, we can carry out the treatment largely pain-free.

Fillings – the best treatment using more tolerable materials

If a hole has to be filled, different materials can be used e.g.:

  • Compomere
  • Composites
  • Ceramic inlays
  • Gold inlays

Whichever material is best suited for you depends on your individual situation. We will gladly advise you about durability, compatibility, aesthetic criteria and costs.

Minimally invasive dental treatment

Tooth enamel does not grow again. We pay particular attention to preserving healthy enamel for as long as possible. The less that is lost during treatment, the more stable and more secure your tooth remains.

Pain-free treatment

Today's pain eliminating injections means that discomfort is largely avoided during treatment.

In addition hypnosis will help you overcome dental treatment calmly and without fear.

Just ask us for more details.



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