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This page was last updated on: January 28, 2021


Identifying Periodontitis at an early stage

In the course of their life about 75% of all humans fall victim to an inflammation of the tooth: i.e. Periodontitis, - often without knowing it. And if they lose a tooth Periodontitis is to blame in 2/3 of all cases.

Periodontitis is caused by germs and bacteria which are found in plaque, in gum deposits and in the gum pocket. These bacteria cause a build-up of metabolites which cause the inflammation. The first phase is gum inflammation, also known as Gingivitis. Without treatment Periodontitis develops.

Our goal is to recognise and treat gum illness as early as possible.

First tell-tale signs

First signs for gum illness are:

  • red, swollen gums
  • bleeding of gums when brushing or during contact
  • receding gums revealing extended teeth necks
  • changes in the position of your teeth
  • pus emissions from in between your teeth
  • permanently bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth

Consequences and risks for the entire organism

Periodontitis is not only a danger for teeth and the mouth, but also for the body. Bacteria which accumulate in infected gum bags can enter unnoticed into the blood circulation and trigger inflammations which then lead to serious illnesses. According to recent studies, Periodontitis patients carry an increased risk of heart, circulation and vascular disease. Interaction with diabetes has been proven. Likewise the risk of premature birth clearly increases.

Professional dental hygiene protects against Periodontitis!

If plaque is not thoroughly and regularly removed, it can deposit itself between the surface of the tooth and the edge of the gum. As a result gum pockets grow, in which gum inflammation can develop. As an effective protection against Periodontitis we recommend professional dental hygiene so that plaque deposits cannot establish themselves.

Treating Periodontitis – the sooner, the better

Gum illnesses can successfully be treated today. The therapeutic measures range from ultrasound treatment through to varying intensity of surgery to medication with antibiotics. With early intervention further progression of the illness can be halted and eliminated permanently.

Mucous membrane transplants

Exposed tooth necks are highly sensitive and are also an aesthetic problem. With mucous membrane transplants, mostly from the gums, the missing tissue can be replaced. This treatment, which is not very complicated, eliminates hypersensitivity and improves appearance at the same time.



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