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This page was last updated on: January 28, 2023


For a more beautiful smile

An immaculate row of shiny white teeth reinforces the overall harmony of facial expressions. Gaps, chipped or discoloured front teeth disturb the picture. This is where modern dentistry offers numerous possibilities to embellish teeth and, with the help of small corrective actions, to allow you to laugh without any worries.

Veneers - wafer-thin ceramics

Veneers are an outstanding alternative for cosmetic blemishes in front teeth, e.g. with small gaps or strong discolouration. These extremely thin translucent leaves of ceramic are individually made for your teeth in the laboratory and fastened with a special adhesive. Your teeth look natural and work completely naturally after the treatment.

Inlays – tooth-coloured ceramic fillings

Ceramic inlays are the perfect aesthetic solution for fillings. They can be optimally adapted in form and colour to natural teeth and can hardly be differentiated from one's own teeth. Insert fillings can be gently worked on, possess excellent durability and are highly comfortable.


Even with regular and consistent brushing, teeth lose their natural white over time. Tooth discolouration is caused mainly by nicotine, tea, coffee and red wine. Bleaching is a procedure for the careful brightening of the tooth.


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