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This page was last updated on: January 28, 2023


Preserving teeth using endodontia/root canal treatment

We have many years experience in endodontia. Carefully carried out root canal treatment is time-consuming, but is worthwhile because a successfully preserved tooth can be used as the base for a crown. Therefore, expensive prostheses can be avoided.

Root canal treatment means that a tooth, which had to be pulled out in the past, can often be saved today.

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when bacteria penetrate the inside of a tooth via a deep cavity. This triggers an inflammation which can spread beyond the root canal to the root tip and into the jaw bone.

In order to heal the sick tooth and to avoid further destruction, the root canal has to be meticulously cleaned and disinfected. The inflamed nerve including remaining tissue and bacteria is carefully removed. After disinfection and drying the root channel is hermetically sealed, so that the bone can heal completely.


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