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Dekobild gesunde Zaehne
Dekobild amalgamfrei
Dekobild Kind beim Zahnarzt

This page was last updated on: January 28, 2021


Biocompatible dentures

Suffering from allergies and environmental problems? Many people suffer from these nowadays. In order to avoid such reactions, many patients want bio-compatible and allergy-free dentures.

Ask us! We will advise you in detail about the possibilities and materials which are best suited for you.

Removal of amalgam fillings and purging of residues

We remove amalgam fillings under dental dam.

Sometimes drilling out fillings will not suffice alone. With a high concentration of metal and related complaints extra treatment is necessary in order to remove any embedded metals from the organism.

For gentle amalgam removal there are a number of therapeutic procedures at our disposal. Reducing existing complaints on a long-term basis always takes place In combination with a practical dietary consultation .

Holistic dental treatment

Teeth are far more than just chewing tools - they interact in different ways with almost all other organs. More and more scientific research has confirmed a link between ill teeth and chronic illnesses.

Chronic illnesses and allergic reactions are a sign of out of balance equilibria and self-adjusting forces in the body. In order to recognise and eliminate these complaints, we also employ natural therapy, among other methods.

Bioresonance therapy

The body's own regulating forces can be examined via electromagnetic frequency samples. Bioresonance treatment builds upon this principle - a gentle therapy without medicine - with the goal of activating the self-healing strength of the body and so relieving it from poisonous materials and eliminating allergies.

The goal of holistic dentistry is to treat the patient gently in an all-encompassing way.


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